2015 NO GI November at Brentwood BJJ

Get out your rash guards! Get out your spats! Lose the GI and let's hit the mats!  It's NO-GI November at Brentwood Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy!!

All month long all ADULT classes will be NO-GI!

For COMPETITION CLASS: Please bring both your GI and NO-GI Gear.  The same applies to OPEN MAT.

2015 IBJJF Atlanta Open Results!

Congratulations to the following competitors representing Brentwood BJJ and the Luiz Palhares Competition Team! 

Stan Mabry 1st place (fought down two age divisions!) and 3rd place in the absolute

Kent Russell 1st place
Matt Milligan 2nd place
Dana McLendon 3rd place
Bryan Frasher 2nd place

In addition, the Luiz Palhares Competition team won 6th place in Team GI standings and 5th place in Team NO GI standings!!!


Brentwood BJJ Competitors at the IBJJF 2015 PANS Championship

Stan Mabry, Miles Kirby, Randall Sanders, and Fayyaz Akbari gave it their all and represented Brentwood BJJ at the 2015 IBJJF Pans Championship in California! 

Randall Sanders took home the gold in his division and was promoted to blue belt rank by Professor Jeremy! 

These competitors sacrifice for months to compete at this level and that is no small feat.  It takes a lot of resolve and determination to get out there and lay it all on the line!

See what our students are saying

Just had my first Jiu-Jitsu competition over the weekend in the ATL. When I first decided to compete saying I was nervous would be an understatement, I haven't competed in a tournament since high school wrestling over 20 years ago. All kinds of negative thought where going through my head. With Professor Jeremy and the rest of my Jiu-Jitsu brothers and sisters we where able to put a game plan together. The closer we got to the tournament the less worried I was about winning or losing because I was just focused on executing what we practiced. Other than some performance anxiety I felt as ready as I could be, win or lose. I can't thank Professor Jeremy and the rest of our family enough for drilling with me,  trouble shooting, staying late, answering questions, and teaching me new techniques. But what I am most thankful for is for what all those things gave me....the state of mind when the match started to think "hey, do your best, if things aren't going your way, roll with it, do your best to get out, your team is still behind you 100%" I can't thank you guys enough for the feeling that gave me to be able to think like that. If you are physically able to compete in a tournament, even if its just once, I definitely recommend it, the experience is well worth it. And I couldn't be happier to share this experience with everyone at Brentwood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I love you guys. Osssss!

Tony E., Franklin, TN

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