Get out your rash guards! Get out your spats! Take off your GI and let's hit the mats!  It's NO-GI November at Brentwood Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy!!

All month long all ADULT classes will be NO-GI!

For COMPETITION CLASS: Please bring both your GI and NO-GI Gear.  The same applies to OPEN MAT.

Stan "The Man" Mabry Once Again Shows Brentwood BJJ Builds World Champions

Congratulations to Stan "The Man" Mabry on his performance at the 2014 IBJJF Master Worlds.  Stan brought home the GOLD in his weight division and SILVER in the open weight.  Stan was promoted to Brown belt on the podium by Professor Jeremy Akin.

Way to go, STAN!  Stan's performance goes to showcase the Brentwood Brazilian Academy's commitment to building World Champion BJJ practitioners!


Brentwood Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy Competitors Represent At The IBJJF 2014 Worlds!

Professor Jeremy Akin and Brentwood BJJ Academy Competitors Chris Grady, Ethan Fromme, Justin Martinez and Miles Kirby traveled to California to represent the Academy at the IBJJF 2014 Worlds tournament.  Each competitor faced deep divisions and represented our team with exciting matches!  These guys have worked tremendously and sacrificed much throughout their training camp to reach the echelon necessary to participate in this caliber of competition.  With Professor Jeremy's instruction, coaching and guidance, these atheletes gave their all and showcased what you can achieve when you remain dedicated and put in 100% hard work! 

See what our students are saying

 I started about 9 months ago.  In that time, I've lost 30 pounds and kept it off.  I'm more assertive.  I'm more confident.  The instructor, Jeremy Akin, is an amazing professor and student of the game.  He has taken folks who thought they could never do this and turned them into tournament champions.  He's taken folks who were marred by their own self-imposed barriers and helped them find better versions of themselves.  This isn't just about fitness, but you will get fit.  This isn't just about finding a family of folks to train with, although you will make amazing connections.  It isn't about you wrestling with other people.  It is about you grappling with yourself and mastering your own weaknesses.

I never thought I'd like this, and I don't.  I love it.  Thank you Brentwood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Matt M., Spring Hill, TN

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